Thank you for your interest in OptiX. To help NVIDIA better understand and serve your needs, OptiX access now requires joining the Registered Developer Program by filling out this eight minute survey. Please answer the next few questions as best you can.

We will manually review your application and email credentials to qualified applicants within a few days.

You can still download older OptiX releases right now at

If you forgot your password you don't need to fill out the survey again. Just email us at

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 3. What is the primary industry you serve?

* 4. Will you use OptiX in a new or existing application?

* 5. In detail, what is the purpose, problem domain, and functionality of your application?
For example, "Physically-based rendering of tissue models used for simulation-based research."
"Ray tracing" is not a sufficient answer.

* 6. What rendering effects are important for your application?

* 7. What will be the primary techniques you will use with OptiX?

* 8. What frame rate are you targeting for your application? (frames per second)

* 9. What operating systems will your application run on?

* 10. Is your OptiX-based application used internally or shipped to external customers?