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Classroom Setup Survey

Please take this QUICK five-question survey to give us important insight and feedback on an exciting new startup company to support first-year teachers around classroom set-up and design. Thanks!!!

***Note: If not applicable (i.e. no longer teaching), just skip that question.

1. How many years have you been teaching (or did you teach if no longer teaching)?

2. Please provide this information -- email addresses are a must if you want to be the first to hear when our product launches!

3. Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements.

  Agree Disagree
I knew how to my set up my classroom.for my first year of teaching.
I had all the resources I needed to set up my classroom for my first year of teaching.
I spent money on supplies I didn't need during my first year of teaching..
I changed my classroom set up dramatically during my first year of teaching.
I had multiple opportunities to view excellent teachers' classroom set up before and while setting up my classroom for my first year of teaching.

4. Please estimate HOW MANY hours/days you spent finding materials and setting your classroom.

5. Would you be interested in viewing and searching other teachers' classrooms online?

6. Would you be willing to allow other teachers to view pictures of your classroom set up online?

7. Where do you currently purchase your classroom supplies? (Please list specific vendors, stores, etc.)

8. Any comments for us? (Feel free to give me a good quote about why this idea is awesome and needed)