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1. Did you learn any new information from the video?

2. Did the video provide you with information about the Library that will be useful to you?

3. After watching the video, do you plan to schedule a Library lecture for any of your classes?

4. Due to the information in the video, do you think you will use Library resources and services more?

5. The length of the video was:

6. Did you like the video and if so what did you like about it?

7. Can the video be improved and if so how?

8. Have you seen other Message in a Minute videos?

9. Did you know the Library has a YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/OviattLibrary with other Library videos?

10. Do you have suggestions for other Message in a Minute video topics and if so what would they be?

11. How did you find out about the video?

12. Would you like to comment about anything else concerning the video or about library resources and services?