NOTE: The following questions and answers are by way of example only and do not constitute, nor should they be understood as, legal advice intended to be relied upon by any SurveyMonkey customers. We recommend that you obtain independent legal advice with respect to your organizations specific regulatory and legal obligations.

* 1. In which situations does [Our Company] require a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement? Select all that apply.

* 2. Everything on the Internet is free to use and copy as I please because it has been made available online.

* 3. I can quote a small portion of somebody else’s text to my own written work as long as I properly attribute the author.

* 4. I can reuse another company’s logo for my own similar product as long as I change the colors of the logo.

* 5. Which is the correct sequence of steps to negotiate and complete a sales contract at [Our Company]?

* 6. Under what circumstances can you use and distribute free and open source software on behalf of [Our Company]?