1. How often do you train/ exercise per week?

* 2. What type of training/ exercise do you participate in?

* 3. Do you use any of the following protein/ health nutrition products?

* 4. How many serves on average do you consume per day?

* 5. What do you mix the protein powder with prior to drinking?

* 6. If you have used any of the following what did you like about the product?

7. If you have used any of the following what did you DISlike about the product?

8. What is your favourite flavour?

* 9. What types of ingredients would influence your decision to purchase a product?

  Strongly Relevant Moderate Minimal
Protein type ie WPI, WPC, plant based, etc
Hypo-allergenic – free from substances that can cause an allergic reaction ie dairy, soy, nuts, gluten
Glutamine – to stimulate immune function, decrease inflammation and protect muscle cells from damage caused by hard workouts
Antioxidants – for neutralising free radicals
Superfoods - highly nutrient and phytochemical dense foods
Vitamins and minerals – essential for all body functions
Adaptogens – helps recover from stress and adrenal fatigue
Green powders - Phytonutrients prevention of diseases such as cancer, stroke or metabolic syndrome, and bioavailable vitamins, minerals and nutrients
Probiotics - maintain a healthy digestive tract and the immune system
Enzymes – for efficient digestion
Omega 3, 6 and 9 (essential fatty acids) – for reduced inflammation, and controlling mood and behaviour

10. How do the following affect your decision to purchase a product?

  Strongly Influence Moderate Minimal
Recommendation from a friend
Product claims
Recyclable Packaging
Postage speed
Postage cost
Natural ingredients
Wholefood ingredients
Quality of ingredients
Ingredient ethics ie doesn’t contain dairy
Money back guarantee
Product convenience
Taste/ Flavour
Addition of superfoods

11. Where have you searched for information about protein/health nutrition products?

12. Did you go to a specific site or use a search engine?

13. What type of product were you looking for?

* 14. Would you consider purchasing any of these from the internet?

  Comfortable hmmm...unsure No
Protein supplement
Weight loss
Meal replacement
Sports nutrition
General health and wellbeing product
Healthy snack options

15. How much do you currently pay for your protein/health product?

  $20-30/kg $31-40/kg $41-50/kg $51-60/kg $61-70/kg $71-80/kg $81-90/kg $91-100 $101 or above N/A
Protein supplement
Weight loss
Meal replacement
Sports nutrition
Healthy snack options

16. Would you pay a premium for a superior product?

  Yes hmmm, unsure No

17. Where do you usually buy your protein/health products from?

18. Would you consider using a plant based protein product?