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1. Who are you and your partner? (“I’m a 29-year-old software engineer and she’s a 28-year-old marketing professional” or “He’s a construction worker and I’m a teacher, both male 36-year-olds”, etc.)

2. An example of how you and your partner spend your money, so we can get an idea of what you’d write about. (“We both have high-salaries in the six figures, but with our new apartment and active lifestyles are having trouble making ends meet” or “He’s a penny-pincher in grad school, but I’ve got a great job and want to enjoy my money.”)

3. Would you and your partner commit to honestly sharing your monthly expenses and (separately) answering a few questions about you and your partner’s spending?

4. Are there significant disagreements about money? (Money philosophies, how you spend money, even how much you make.) Please describe:

5. Your age

6. Your name

7. Your email address

8. Your partner's email address

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