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1. What factor(s) most greatly influence your cycling apparel buying decisions?

2. How's Voler's selection of cycling garments compared with other retailers?

3. How do you rate the color/design choices of Voler's current line?

4. How do you rate Voler's overall quality?

5. How likely are you to buy from us again?

6. How does Voler's price and value compare to other sources?

7. How would you rate Voler's products?

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Short Sleeve Jerseys
Long Sleeve Jerseys
Shorts and Bibs
Thermal Jackets & Vests
Wind Jackets & Vests
Arm Warmers
Knee Warmers
Leg Warmers
Thermal Undershirts
Lightweight Undershirts
Head Wear
Triathlon Wear

8. What's you annual cycling budget?

9. What's your annual cycling apparel budget?

10. Do you plan to spend more on cycling apparel than last year?

11. Your Gender?

12. Any other feedback about Voler's product line?