Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting is looking for Orange County Luxury Car Owners to participate in PAID BRAINSTORMING SESSION about their experiences with owning a luxury model vehicle.

This is not a sales event. Our client is interested in the thoughts and opinions of informed upscale car owners. This is an opportunity to mingle with your peers, in a relaxed restaurant setting and share ideas on what motivates people to buy luxury vehicles.

INCENTIVE: Participants will receive $150 as a ‘thank you’ for your valuable input. In addition, this will be a catered event with complimentary appetizers and beverages.

FORMAT: This a 90-minute ideation session - a brainstorming and innovation session designed to generate new ideas- is being held at a Orange County restaurant.

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, January 22 at 4pm or 6pm depending on the type of vehicle you own and drive.

* 1. Please provide the following information

2. Do you own or lease a mid-size or premium luxury sedan?

3. What is the brand name and model of this vehicle (or vehicles)? NOTE: If qualified, participants will be required to verify ownership of their vehicle in order to insure we have you in the proper group.

4. Which vehicle do you drive most often?

5. On a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is Not at all important and 10 is very important, how important was your spouse or significant other in helping decide on your current luxury vehicle that you drive most often?

6. Besides PRICE, what was the primary reason for purchasing/leasing the luxury vehicle that you drive most often?

7. What were the last two cars you previously owned/leased prior to your luxury vehicle?

8. What are all the vehicles in your household fleet? Please tell me the brand name and model of each.

9. How many times per month do you socialize or entertain (or go out to do so) – for example, parties, events, dinners, etc.?

10. Do you attend car shows or automotive events?

11. What are your top 2 hobbies, pastimes or activities?

12. What is your age?

13. Which of the following best describes your ethnicity?

14. What is your marital status?

15. Do you have any children under the age of 18 living at home with you?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. A recruiter will call you to complete the screening process if your answers are a match to the study qualifications.

This is a legitimate paid market research study. To verify, go to our website: WWW.HAGENSINCLAIR.COM. If you want to receive personal invitations to future studies click the PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION LINK and sign up. We will contact you if a project arises that looks like a good fit for you. Thanks again!