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* 1. Each answer below is candidate for Best Spirit in that category. You have until November 6th to vote. The polls close at NOON on Election Day and we'll run a special of $2 off each of those spirits in a cocktail or neat.

So, let's start here: What is your Favorite Overall Spirit?

* 2. In the following boxes, please nominate just one specific bottling of a spirit for each category.
And to start it all: Please nominate 1 American or Canadian Whiskey

* 3. Imported Whisky

* 4. Agave Spirit (including Tequila, Mezcal, Bacanora,etc.)

* 5. Sugar Cane Spirit (i.e. Rum / Rhum / Cachaca)

* 6. Vodka (including flavors)

* 7. Brandy (including Cognac, Armangac, Pisco, and Eau de vie)

* 8. Gin

* 9. Other Botanical Spirit (Aquavit, Botanical-focused Liqueurs, Amaros, Absinthe, and Botanical Spirits)

* 10. Liqueur