Rate Mike

This survey is for citizens, taxpayers, parents and students to rate Mayor Michael Bloomberg's effectiveness on his performance as the public official controlling NYC schools.

* 1. How effective has Michael Bloomberg been at improving the overall educational experience of children in general, or your child?

1. World-Class.
2. Extremely Effective.
3. Neutral.
4. Ineffective.
5. Absolutely Disastrous.

* 2. How effective has Michael Bloomberg been at improving the curriculum at all levels of NYC public schools for all subjects?

* 3. Do Michael Bloomberg's DOE and schools have a proven track record of treating parents with respect, including providing ample time for teacher conferences, and treating non-parent taxpayers and citizens with respect, including publicizing and ensuring their right to attend and participate in the SLT, CEC and other relevant meetings in their local communities?

* 4. Has Michael Bloomberg created a safe, sanitary and healthy environment for children at your school? For example, do children have enough time to get out of the school in a fire given the number of students and the student-teacher ratio in the school, and to eat lunch, go to the bathroom and engage in recess (younger students) or study hall (for older students) every day? Do all children at your school have a chair, a desk and a place to hang coats (not stuff them in a desk) every day for every class?

* 5. Has Michael Bloomberg implemented a developmentally and cognitively appropriate curriculum at each age level? Or has he created standards that are either too low (children not learning enough) or too high (even strong students feel heavy stress and lose sleep to complete assignments)?

* 6. Has Michael Bloomberg deployed his education budget with maximum effectiveness?

* 7. Has Michael Bloomberg followed through on his promise to treat schools like a business and implemented relevant modern business best practices, including but not limited to: providing prompt, accurate responses to "customer" inquiries via phone and/or email; demanding that schools provide a traceable paper trail and provide receipts for all cash collected; enabling all schools to institute modern cash-management methods such as the acceptance of checks and credit cards, and/or implementing "Corporate America" standards for communications, recruitment, retention and human resources as well as materiels and financial management?

* 8. Has Michael Bloomberg supervised his DOE staff and principals in such a way that they inspire a majority of teachers to perform at world-class levels?

* 9. Has Michael Bloomberg ensured that his DOE staff and principals meet all city, state and federal recommendations, guidelines and mandates, including but not limited to: weekly library instruction and book check-out starting in kindergarten, mandated timely reporting of suspected child abuse, required gym time and the opportunity, every day, for physical activity during daily recess?

* 10. Do graduates of NYC public high schools obtain admission to highly competitive, very competitive and competitive institutions of higher learning at rates similar to those achieved by similarly-sized world cities, and do those students match or outperform their counterparts from other school systems once matriculated?