Thank you for participating in our short survey on online strategies for Christian Church communities. Your answers and insights are very valuable and we appreciate your honesty and candor.

The survey consists of seven questions.

Question Title

* 1. How important are the following features for a Church community site:

  Very Important Important Somewhat Important Not Important Do Not Include
Donation portal for the church or specific causes.
Ability to send messages to other members.
Ability to post prayer requests or needs.
Ability to post classifieds.
Public interest or home groups.
Member communication and messaging.
Ability to post photos and create photo galleries.
Ability to post jobs.
Discussion groups and/or forums.
Ability to publish (content, events, activities) direct to social media sites.
Integration with a Church Management System (financial, attendance or other reporting system).
Private groups (restricted access).
Resource sharing.
Event scheduling, registration and management.
Ability to search for members based on shared interests or activities.
Phone/email directory.
Private discussions (restricted access).
Tracking of group membership, activities, and growth.
Ability to connect people to serving opportunities based on interest or gifts.
Ability to search for members based on where people live or work.
Integration with existing church website.
Ability to create blogs.
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