As the National Peace Corps Association and its MorePeaceCorps Campaign urge the President and Congress to significantly increase Peace Corps funding for a bigger Peace Corps, we also recognize the need to improve and embolden the Peace Corps to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Articles in WorldView magazine, face-to-face conversations with individuals, virtual conversations through social networking sites, reports from government entities, independent think tanks and individual RPCVs, and congressional hearings and legislation point to two conclusions that won’t surprise you: 1) Members of the Peace Corps community are an opinionated bunch! 2) When it comes to considering ways to make the Peace Corps the very best it possibly can be, there is a wide array of ideas and opinions.

But…are there some strong areas of consensus? In considering a better and bolder Peace Corps, are there some key issues that rise above the rest? Are the views of volunteers and staff who served over various decades similar or different?

As a valued member of the Peace Corps community, we seek your input. This survey asks you to consider and prioritize the importance of a wide range of issues that could serve to improve and embolden Peace Corps in the future.

Please fill out this survey no later than Thursday, October 22, 2009. We ask you to share this survey with other members of the Peace Corps community as we hope to collect the input from as many individuals as possible.

This survey is divided into four sections. Section one requests background information. Section two looks at nine general categories of Peace Corps operations, lists specific items to consider and asks you to rank and prioritize which items are most in need of attention. Section three then asks you to take a broader look by ranking and prioritizing the nine general categories. Finally, section four provides a brief space for you to list the top two improvements you would like to see Peace Corps make and include any items not mentioned in this survey.

A summary of survey results will be published in the winter edition of WorldView magazine, posted on NPCA communication networks and shared with leading policymakers. Individual responses will not published or disseminated.

Thank you for taking time to take part in this survey which will help inform key policy makers on the best ways to improve and embolden the Peace Corps.