* 1. How professional were the Access HealthONE Nurse and EMT Communications Specialists?

* 2. Did you find the Access HealthONE Nurse and EMT Communications Specialists knowledgeable about the admission and transfer process?

* 3. Did using Access HealthONE improve your patients' experiences by expediting admission, transfer, or transport?

* 4. Did using the services provided by Access HealthONE ease the admission and transfer process to HealthONE facilities for you and your staff?

* 5. Did the Access HealthONE services meet your expectations?

* 6. Were your requests handled timely?

* 7. For which service did you receive assistance in the question above?

* 8. Do you have recommendations for Access HealthONE to improve services or any comments regarding a question listed above?

* 9. Are you a ...

* 10. Please provide contact information if you would like to be contacted regarding any questions, comments, or concerns.

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