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* How useful did you find the following course materials, exercises and demonstrations in helping you to prepare for birthing?

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The HypnoBirthing book
The "HypnoBirthing Birth Stories" video
Other birthing videos
"What Babies Want" video
HypnoBirthing breathing techniques
Relaxation, visualization and deepening techniques
Light Touch Massage
Postures/exercises to help baby into the best position for birthing
Class handouts

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The course material was clear and comprehensive
The pace of the material presented in class was appropriate
The practitioner adequately answered questions during class
The practitioner's overall teaching style was effective
The learning environment was comfortable
I believe the practitioner will be available if I have questions or concerns
The course improved my understanding of normal birthing
The course helped me to understand my birthing options
I will recommend the HypnoBirthing course to others
I will recommend this practitioner to others

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