* 1. Are you planning to register for the MOPS or MOMSnext program this Fall?

* 2. Are you planning to use the onsite childcare for MOPS or MOMSnext in the Fall?

* 3. Please identify your reasons for joining the MOPS/MOMSnext program?

* 4. Please tell us what presentation topics are of interest to you

5. Please tell us if you have a favorite topic or activity from a past MOPS meeting

* 6. Please tell us what other topics you have interest in hearing

* 7. Please tell us what activities interest you

8. Please tell us if you have interest in serving in MOPS or MOMSnext

9. Do you have an interest in volunteering for MOPS or MOMSnext in any way?

10. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about MOPS or MOMSnext?