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1. Which Lazarus House major fundraiser(s) did you attend (choose 1 or more)?

2. I was not able to attend the Hike for Hope for the following reasons:

3. Please rate the Hike for Hope website useability?

4. The Hike for Hope fundraising minimum ($50 per adult) and $25 per teen:

5. What would be your preferred time for Sharing our Bounty to end:

* 6. What's your preference for the Golf Tournament putting contest prize?

7. I learned something new about LHM by attending an event:

8. Do you subscribe to our ENews? (you can do so at http://www.lazarushouse.org/)

9. Which event do you plan to attend in 2013? (please choose 1 or more)

* 10. I would like to join an event committee (please tell us which one and add your email in the box. Answer not required.):