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1. Scour Survey 2

Please fill out this short survey to help us make Scour better!

1. How did you hear about Scour?

2. Does Scour's search work the way you expect it to?

3. What is most useful about Scour?

4. Would you use Scour if it did not offer any reward points?

5. When first hearing about the Scour Rewards Program, what was your initial perception of Scour?

6. What do you enjoy most about Scour?

7. Which would you prefer Scour focused on more?

8. What service do you currently use for your image searches?

9. What service do you currently use for your video searches?

10. When telling your friends about Scour, how do they react?

11. Which of the following future features would you like to see most?

12. Do you plan to continue to use Scour as your default search engine?

13. Please name one thing Scour could improve to make your experience better.

14. What do you think is missing in the image/video/general search space?

15. What tools/widgets would you like to see to help you promote Scour to people you know?