Please rate each skill on a scale from 1-5, with...
"1" = the most "BASIC" of skill levels, and...
"5" = the most "ADVANCED" of skill levels.
NOTE: This is NOT a question about how well "YOU" know these skills, but rather how advanced these skills are (e.g. if 'addition' is a "BASIC" skill, the 'ability to work with complex systems of differential equations' might be an "ADVANCED" skill.)

PLEASE select "Don't Know" (last column) if you feel you are not familiar enough with an item to rate it.
For example, if you don't know enough about VBA to say whether the skill is 'advanced' in your mind - select 'Don't Know' for related items

  1 2 3 4 5 Don't Know
Knowlege of scope/limitations of DoEvents (VBA)
Meaningfully integrating DataTables and Iteration mode
Integrating embedded application objects in spreadsheets
Sparklines (new 2010 feature)
Naming/Labeling cell ranges
Developing a User-defined Function (VBA)
Tracing precedents and dependents
Applying the autofill capability
Setting up PowerPivot for automated updates
Data Table usage for scenario analysis
Building/changing embedded forms/controls
Recording a Macro for use in the spreadsheet
Using the Data Analysis tool pack
VSTO integration (and associated coding)
Basic graphics (scatterplot, bar chart, etc.)
Manual or manual-triggered pull of external data into spreadsheet
Generating/Editing a dialogue pop-up (user-form pop-up)
Using range references for copying/pasting in VBA
Knowledge of using PowerPivot basics
Create and apply styles
Math programming and optimization with standard Solver
Adding trendlines to plots
Data validation rule application
Using the Sort and Filter tools
Locking/Protecting spreadsheet cells, sheets, workbooks
Hot keys : Ctrl-"X" shortcuts, Shft-space, Alt-"X-Y-Z", etc.
Using basic loops (For-Next, While-Do) in VBA
Built-in array/matrix functions (e.g. LINEST)
Automating manipulations and calls to Palisades apps (VBA)
Manipulating Solver and specializing Solver reports (via VBA)
Rolling time-window tables/graphs (e.g. t1-->t2 linked & variable)
Splitting / Freezing frames
Use of the OUtCoMES roadmap
Manual export of spreadsheet data to other applications
Using the iterative calculation mode in Excel
Pre-setting print ranges with headers, footers, breaks, etc.
Opening text files as delimited data sources
Merge and split cells
Manipulating ribbons, menu items, etc. (VBA)
Create and modify custom lists
Automated pareto charting of selected data or data updates
Use of the FAST modeling standard
Automating embedded MapPoint objects (VBA)
Extraction and data parsing from web queries
Pivot Table (& Chart) for data summarization
Apply and manipulate hyperlinks in sheet
Conversions between drawn line objects and plotted data (VBA)
Conditional formatting
Error identification and handling in VBA
Standard built-in non-array functions (e.g. SUM, MATCH, etc.)

REMEMBER ! : This is NOT a self-assessment. All we are doing here is judging how 'basic' or 'advanced' a skill seems to be (NOT how 'you' are at something). Please modify your answers above if necessary at this point.

ALSO - Please check to make sure you used the last column above ONLY for "Don't Know" responses. Provide additional notes on your responses here if needed: