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1. Which body part do you appreciate the most about women?

2. Which breast size do you prefer?

3. Does you have a preference when it comes to the length of a woman’s hair?

4. Does a woman wearing a weave bother you?

5. Does it bother you when you see a Black woman with a white man?

6. Do you believe marriage is attainable?

7. What is the ideal age for a Black man to get married?

8. Would you cheat on your wife if she would not find out?

9. How satisfied are you with your sex life?

10. Have you ever faked an orgasm?

11. Would you be in a relationship with a woman who does not perform oral sex?

12. Would you date a celibate woman?

13. If you could only have sex in one of the following positions for the rest of your life, which would you chose?

14. Do you believe sex addiction is a medical disorder requiring therapeutic treatment?

15. Can sex be good for your partner if she does not reach an orgasm?

16. If your wife/girlfriend could only be good at one of the following, which would you chose?

17. Would it bother you if your partner used a vibrator during sex?

18. In general, do you feel appreciated by Black men?