* 1. Are you or is your partner currently pregnant? If yes, is this your first child? If no, how many other children do you have?

* 2. Do you plan to use a doula for your birth? If you already have children did you use a doula for your birth?

If yes, what specifically did you like about her care?
If not, why did you decide not to use a doula?

* 3. Who is or was your care provider for your pregnancy and birth?

* 4. Who will be or was present at your delivery? Please indicate more than one if appropriate.

* 5. For Pregnant/Birthing Mothers:

Do you feel that your partner knows/knew what to do as support? If not, what would you want them to do differently?

* 6. For Partners:

If you're currently planning for your delivery, do you feel that you know specifically what to do as support? If not, what would help?

If you've already had children, do you feel that you knew what to do as support during childbirth? If not, what would have helped?

* 7. What is the overall feeling you have when you think of your delivery? Please indicate more than one if appropriate.

* 8. A birth doula is a person experienced in childbirth whose sole focus is coaching the birthing mother and partner through the emotional experience of delivery. A doula helps the birthing mother cope with contractions and helps a partner know what kind of support is effective for different parts of labour.

A birth doula will arrive at your home in early labour and help you determine when it is the best time to go to the hospital or call your midwife.

A birth doula will also help you understand what is happening during a medical intervention and help to create more discussion between you and your health care team.

Do you feel that doula support would make or would have made a difference in your experience of birthing?

If yes, is there anything in particular about a doula that draws your interest?

If no, please explain specifically why you feel a doula is not right for you.

* 9. What support do/did you have to draw on for your first 6 weeks following delivery?

* 10. Do/Did you feel that your Midwife or Doctor offered you support that covered your informational, clinical and emotional needs during pregnancy, birth and postpartum? Please explain.