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Survey on fieldwork and ethics review

This is an informal survey on linguists doing fieldwork and their experiences with human subjects review. Thanks for your time! I will post results on my home page.
~Claire Bowern (claire.bowern@yale.edu)

* 1. Did your last fieldwork require Human Subjects approval?

2. Who was required to approve your research? [choose all applicable]

3. How much time did you spend applying for research approval?

4. Have you ever curtailed a research project, changed the goals of a research project or refused to participate in a research project because of ethics reporting requirements? (Please describe briefly)

5. Have you ever knowingly violated university or funding body ethics requirements or been tempted to do so? (explain briefly)

6. Have the ethics requirements of your university, funding body or other human subjects review led to conflict with research design? Please describe.

7. Are you required to obtain documented informed consent for research participants?

8. Describe the type of work you do (check all that apply)

* 9. Please provide the country of your place of work.

10. Anything else you'd like to add?