1. The Big Canvas -- Rate the Approaches

The ballot below is marked with five options. Four of them represent the four approaches discussed in the issue framework.

We've added one option that is always available in any situation: Maintain the status quo. Keep doing what we’re doing. No new taxes or public funds for the arts.

We are NOT asking you to pick just one option over the others. We know more than one might appeal to you.

Instead, imagine that you have 20 points to “spend” across the five options. You can distribute them any way you want, giving the most points to the option(s) you like best. You could give 20 points to one, and zero to the other four. You could give 10 points to two options, and zero to three. And so on.

The one thing you CAN’T do is spend more than 20 points. Nor can you spend fewer than 20 points. We’re relying on you to show off those arithmetic skills you honed in grade school.

After you spend your points, please answer one last, separate question. Putting aside your personal views for a second, which of these options do you think has the best chance of winning majority support among people you know – friends, neighbors, co-workers. For this question, just select one option.

Question Title

* 1. THE BALLOT: Put the number of points you want to “spend” on EACH option in the box to the right. Remember, the total of your answers can’t exceed 20.

Question Title

* 2. Which option do you think would win the most support among people you know? (select one)

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* 3. Did you participate in any of the Fall 2008 Issue Guide forums?