Joey Keahiolalo, Director of Oahu Programs for Child & Family Service, has a Master’s Degree in Social Work with over sixteen years’ experience working with families and children, including adolescents with behavioral and psychological impairments, grief and trauma survivors, gerontology, substance abuse, and early intervention populations. She has been a Risking Connection® trainer for over 4 years, and in 2013 became a faculty trainer for this model. Recent related projects include the development of the Risking Connection® Hawaii Model, which incorporates culturally specific stories and proverbs that help make this model relational within our Hawaii communities. Joey remains active in various community partnerships and committees to support the wellbeing of Hawaii’s families and communities.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the Risking Connections approach, including some adaptations of the curriculum to incorporate and celebrate Hawaiian Cultural values that have been developed by Child & Family Service staff in Hawaii. Risking Connection is unique in that it maintains that respect for and care of both the client and the treatment provider are critical. Therefore, it focuses on the impact of vicarious traumatization (VT) on the treater as well as the treater’s complex responses (countertransference) to working with trauma survivors. This workshop will include experiential learning components to help participants understand these concepts on a deep level.

Learning Objectives:
•Describe a basic understanding of a trauma-informed care approach to services.
•Identify how maintaining a trusting, supportive relationship with trauma survivors helps
them heal.
•Be able to recognize behaviors as adaptations.
•Describe how vicarious trauma changes us as treaters and helpers in our work with trauma survivors.

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