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Sat Nam and wholehearted thank you for coming to the 2012 Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration!
Please share your thoughts and ideas. Together we can continue to co-create a transformational experience and memorable event for all.

* 1. Please rate your overall experience.

  Poor So-so Neutral Good / Bueno Wonderful N/A
Connecting with a spiritual community
Personal transformation
Group Sadhana
Morning Gurdwara
Workshops and Kundalini Yoga classes
Three days of White Tantric Yoga®
Karma Yoga
Langar: Community Meal Time
Evening All-Camp Gatherings and Programs
Yogi Tea Cafe

* 2. Please rate the following special programs

  Loved it! Missed It Wasn't Interested
Welcome Ceremony
Dev Suroop Kaur Chant/Concert
White Sun Chant/Concert
The GuruGanesha Band

* 3. Please let us know about your Solstice attendance.

  True False
I always attend both Winter and Summer Solstices.
I only attend Winter Solstice.
I sometimes attend both Winter and Summer Solstices.
This is my first time attending a Solstice.

* 4. What country are you from?

* 5. What language do you speak? (check all that apply)

* 6. What is your gender?

* 7. What is your age?

* 8. What is your household income? (We are requesting this information for grant purposes as they often require demographic information).

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* 10. How many Solstices have you attended?

* 11. Did you feel welcome at Winter Solstice?

* 12. Why do you attend Winter Solstice?

13. Did You attend the IKYTA Teacher Enhancement Conference?

14. If you answered "Yes" to Q13 please answer the following:

15. Please offer your testimonial and include your Name and State/Province and Country.

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* 16. What did you take home with you from Solstice?

* 17. What can we do to improve your Solstice experience?

18. What is 3HO to you?

19. Do you feel as if you're a part of the 3HO Global Community? / ¿Sientes que eres parte de la comunidad global de 3HO?

20. Comments about Classes, Workshops, and Teachers

21. Comments about White Tantric Yoga®

22. Comments about Childrens' Camp

23. Was the Orientation Video helpful for you?

24. If there is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher that you regularly study with please tell us who.

* 25. What do you need to better prepare for the Solstice Program?

* 26. How was your registration experience?

  Difficult/Confusing A few glitches but OK Smooth process / No problems N/A
Online Registration
Online Customer Service
Phone Customer Service
On-site Registration
On-site Customer Service

* 27. How did you originally hear about Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration?

* 28. What would best serve you as a follow up program to Solstice?

29. What other events do you attend?

* 30. What will guarantee your return to Winter Solstice 2013?