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1. How old were you when you divorced?

2. How long were you married?

3. How long was your divorce process? (once you both stopped living together)

4. Did you suffer physical or mental illnesses during this time? (ex: high blood pressure, stroke, migraines, aches and pains, anxiety attacks, depression, heart attack, shortness of breath, etc)

5. What was the cause of your divorce, please give details: (ex: infidelity..how often, mismanagement of money, hiding money, partner is lesbian or gay, affairs, addictions (what kind?) legal issues (what kind?), emotional abuse, physical abuse, etc). REMINDER: THIS SURVEY IS ANONYMOUS! You can say anything you wish, there is no way you can be traced, even by Joni James.

6. How long have you been divorced?

7. Do you feel you are recovered from your divorce?

8. What most helped you recover from divorce?

9. What do you feel would be most helpful to help you recover?

10. If there is anything more you would be willing to share, please do so below. Thank you!!