Help us shape the new recycling communications campaign

Brent must continue to increase the amount of waste we recycle. More recycling means less waste goes into landfill sites. This is cheaper and better for the environment.

Brent Council will introduce a new and improved waste collection service in October 2011 and is currently developing new messages to ensure that everyone in Brent understands the benefits of the new service and uses it correctly.

It’s important that we develop the right messages. Here are some sample messages, which will form the basis for future communications with residents (e.g. leaflets, adverts, posters and online publicity).

We are therefore seeking your views on how appropriate and important you think these messages are. For each message there is a brief explanation, so that the message is put in the right context. There are 15 samples to look at in total.

Finally we are keen to get your views on a new colour scheme that are currently developing. Please let us know what you think about these options. Your views are important.