Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois - Adult Award Nomination Form

Nominations must be submitted no later than January 19, 2015. For questions regarding the nomination process of the Adult Awards, please contact or call the Volunteer Services Department at 800.345.6858.

Please describe the nominee's accomplishments in detail, giving as much specific information as you can related to the criteria for the award.

See below for the minimum required endorsements in addition to the nomination form for each award:

Volunteer of Excellence = One(1) endorsement.
President's Award = One(1) endorsement.
Appreciation Pin = One(1) endorsement.
Honor Pin = Two(2) endorsements.
Thanks Badge = Three(3) endorsements.
Thanks Badge II = Three(3) endorsements.

* 1. Award for which you are nominating:

* 2. Nominee Information:

* 3. Previous awards earned by nominee (include dates):

* 4. Previous Girl Scouting positions held by nominee:

* 5. Nominator Information:

* 6. List the impact and results of this person's actions on girls and/or adults:

* 7. Please give a detailed description of how nominee has delivered service beyond expectation of the position held: