We're trying to get an idea of how much the community knows about the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) for our upcoming Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know forum. Please answer the following True/False questions to the best of your knowledge. To learn the answers to these questions, come to Talk Straight with Adams
State Healthcare Forum, April 13, 2013 from 1pm-3pm at McDaniel Hall on the campus of Adams State University, Alamosa Colorado

1. Under "Obama care" insurance companies can disallow coverage based on any
preexisting conditions you may have.

2. The Affordable Care Act will only impact people with low incomes

3. Obama care will fund abortions

4. The law requires insurers to spend between 80 to 85 percent of every
premium dollar on medical care as opposed to advertising and

5. Under the new law, panels that provision health care and decide if you
will live or die will be developed.

6. Small businesses that have fewer than 10 employees that provide insurance
for their workers will get a 50% tax credit on their contribution

7. Texas is seceding from the Union because of the passage of The Affordable
Care Act

8. Starting in 2018, the law imposes a 35% tax on employer provided health
plans that exceed $10,200 for individual coverage

9. Obama care means my taxes will go up.