1. What grade do you teach?

2. What reading level(s) of Kind News do you use? (can select more than one answer)

3. What sections of Kind News do your students enjoy the most?

4. How did you first hear about Kind News?

5. How useful do you find the Teacher's Guide?

6. If you could improve the Teacher's Guide, what would you do?

7. How do you use Kind News?

8. How much time do your students spend using Kind News in the classroom?

9. In what academic areas have you used Kind News?

10. Does Kind News help you meet your goals for the Common Core State Standards?

11. Do you find Kind News useful for character education?

12. How many other classrooms in your school receive Kind News?

13. About how many students at your school participate in The National School Lunch Program (receive reduced cost or free lunch)?

14. Are there any topics Kind News has covered that you decided not to share with your class?

15. Will you be renewing your subscription?

16. Kind News is also available as an individual subscription for $8/year. Would you be interested in ordering an individual subscription for a child?

17. Do you go online to humanesociety.org/kindnews to use the worksheets and other supplemental materials?

18. If you have visited the Kind News website at humanesociety.org/kindnews, how often have you visited?

19. If you have visited the Kind News website at humanesociety.org/kindnews, what was the purpose of your visit?

20. Does the table of contents ("Inside This Issue" section) in Kind News help to teach students how to read a magazine, or is it unnecessary in a publication of this size?

21. Is your classroom subscription sponsored through the Adopt-a-Classroom program?

22. If yes, did your sponsor approach you or did you reach out for a sponsor?

23. If you are sponsored have you, or your students, ever written a thank you letter to your sponsor?

24. If Kind News offered posters in each issue, would you be inclined to use them?

25. What other topics would you like Kind News to cover?

26. If you could change one thing about your classroom subscription to Kind News, what would it be?