The needs and impact of international travelers on the NPS

* 1. What percentage of your tours include a visit to a National Park or Monument?

* 2. Other than the iconic National Parks and the NPS operated sites in Washington D.C., which other parks do you include on tours?

* 3. What are some common critiques about the National Parks, both positive and negative, that you hear from international visitors?

* 4. For travelers to the United States, how important is it to them to visit National Parks while they are here?

* 5. What types of attractions and programs most interest people and influence their decision to visit the National Parks (IMAX films, other movies or television programs, brochures, etc.)?

* 6. What elements of a National Park do visitors enjoy the most (i.e. visitor centers, trails, vistas, historic content, physical activities, etc.)?

* 7. How can the National Parks Service attract international visitors to less visited attractions and not just the iconic Parks?

* 8. Do you feel higher entrance fees or a different rate fee structure would help restrict park attendance and alleviate overcrowding? Do you feel this would have a major negative effect on international travel to the parks?

* 9. Would you be in favor of a fee schedule that would charge more during peak periods, but less during off peak periods to help move some travel away from the peak periods?

* 10. What role does technology play in visitors' enjoyment of a National Park?

* 11. Should the National Parks modernize the technology available (i.e. electronic entry to Parks, wifi, etc)?

* 12. Are there language/signage issues at the National Parks and Monuments for international visitors? What languages would be most helpful?