My Input for My Church: Peace Lutheran Church

This year we mark the 60th Anniversary of Peace by reviewing our history, what has shaped us, and looking into our future. How will Peace flourish in the next 60 years?  The seeds of the future are sown each day in our present choices.  The elements for nourishing our future are already in the gifts, skills and wisdom of members and friends.
A Survey has been prepared by the Peace Council and we are most grateful (in advance) for your participation.  Your experiences, longings and insights will shape our community and spiritual priorities.  God works with who we are and what we got, but even God can't do anything without our engagement.  (A child's gift of fish and bread enabled Jesus to feed 5,000 folk.)
So dream big, recommend boldly, critique and commit in print!  Send your responses by June 10.  Signing your name makes a difference and any confidential material will be kept confidential by me.  When appropriate, I will share your suggestions with Council members.
Thanks for contributing to the vitality of Peace,
Pr. Steve

* 1. Are you a member of Peace Lutheran Church?

* 2. How long have you been a member of Peace?

* 3. Do you contribute financially to Peace?

* 4. Have you invited family or friends to attend Peace?

* 5. Would you consider becoming a member?

* 6. How often do you come to Sunday service?

* 7. Why did you choose Peace Lutheran Church as your spiritual home?

* 8. Do you or members of your family attend activities or events at Peace?

* 9. Music events?  If so, which ones?

* 10. Justice advocacy events/activities? Is so, which ones?

* 11. Workshops? Which ones?

* 12. Social/Cultural events? Which ones?

* 13. Would you attend lifestyle programs at Peace such as protecting your identity, community safety, retirement planning, etc?

* 14. Do you volunteer or serve on committees or for events at Peace? If so, check all that apply.

* 15. Would you like to volunteer or serve on committees or for events at Peace? If so, check all that apply.

* 16. Do you have school-age children?

* 17. Do you know we have Sunday School for younger children during Worship Service?

* 18. If so, how many of your family members attend Sunday School?

* 19. Do you know that childcare is offered during Sunday Services?

* 20. Are there activities your older children/teens attend at Peace?

* 21. What activities are of interest to your children ages 13 and up?

* 22. How many hours per week do you spend attending service, church-sponsored activities and/or in service on committees?

* 23. What is your line of work? 

* 24. What is your partner’s line of work?

* 25. Have you rented space at Peace for events, meetings, weddings or other activities?

* 26. Have you recommended renting space at Peace to other people?

* 27. What are your personal areas of interest? Check all that apply.

* 28. How do you get information about Peace? Check all that apply.

* 29. What is the best way to communicate with you about what is going on at Peace Lutheran Church?

* 30. What makes you happiest about Peace?

* 31. What changes would you like to see at Peace?

* 32. Do you know who your Peace Council members are?

* 33. Would you be interested in becoming a Peace Council member?

* 34. Did you know this is the 60th year of Peace Lutheran Church?

* 35. May we contact you to follow up on your answers or to provide you information on interests you’ve expressed?

* 36. We appreciate your help to complete this important input to help Peace flourish. This will give us direction to make Peace Lutheran Church our shared community place and spiritual home. Your comments are most welcome.

* 37. I would like you to add my email address to Peace list