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1. How long have you been listening to WFMU?

2. How did you first hear about WFMU?

3. How often do you listen to WFMU?

4. When listening to WFMU, what percentage of time do you use the following options?

5. Where do you live?

6. Do you consider WFMU a primary source for new music and music you've never heard before?

7. Where else do you find out about new music and music you've never heard before?
(Please be specific and expansive; include radio [broadcast and internet], websites/blogs, newsgroups, magazines [print and online], social networking sites, clubs, etc.)

8. How often do you visit wfmu.org?

9. What do you regularly check out at wfmu.org?

10. How easily do you find what you are looking for on the station's website?

11. What do you think about the station's website?
(What do you like, and do you have any suggested improvements for the site?)

12. What other radio stations do you listen to regularly? (Please specify)

13. Have you attended any of the following WFMU events?

14. Are there other events that WFMU could hold that you would attend? (If so, please specify)

15. Which of the following age groups do you fall under?

16. Do you donate to WFMU?

17. Does the swag that we offer influence your donation?

18. What WFMU swag influences your donation? (Please check all applicable)

19. If you could improve the marathon, how so?

20. Do you donate to other arts institutions or cultural organizations?

21. What other causes do you donate to? (Please check all appropriate)

22. Do you still purchase music?

23. What formats were your last 5 music purchases in? (Please check all appropriate options)

24. Besides the annual marathon, are there any other fundraising ideas that you would like to see WFMU try?

25. If you could change one thing about WFMU, what would it be?

26. May we contact you for further questions sometime in the future?

27. Please tell us anything else that you'd like to say...