1. Best map for all types of small game.
Best map made for 4 players or less.

2. Best 1v1 map.
Which has the best one versus one play?

3. Best large game map.
Maps made for 8 players. More the merrier for these bad boys.

4. Best team game map.
Something different for those of you that play doubles, triples or even quads.

5. Best Graphics.
The super model of maps.

6. Best gameplay.
Which map has the best gameplay.

7. Ease of use.
The map a two year old can play on.

8. Most original map.
The most original idea in graphics or gameplay.

9. Best new map maker.
New maps made by new map makers. But who has made the best.

10. The very BEST map of 2012.
Which map makes the others shrink in fear.