Thank you for taking this short survey, which is part of an open narrative research project by Patrick Lambe and Matt Moore, focused on giving insights into how organisations value and leverage the experience and expertise of their staff.

The questions in this survey have been designed to clarify issues raised in the first part of this project, which collected narrative examples from several countries, followed by workshops to process this data.

You will be asked at the end of this survey whether you want to leave your email address. If you do, we will contact you with the report of our findings which will be made available for free.

You will also be able to see a summary of responses so far when you have completed the survey, and be given a link to the main project site.

There are fourteen questions in five sections, starting with some simple profiling information first.

Question Title

* 1. Which country are you working in?

Question Title

* 2. What type of organisation are you working in?

Question Title

* 3. Roughly how many employees are there in your organisation?

Question Title

* 4. What is your job role?

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* 5. Do you consider yourself to be an expert or very experienced at what you do (in a current or previous role)?

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