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We <3 your feedback. Now that you've explored and used our new Social tools, please take a few minutes to give us your thoughts. Your experiences with our tools are invaluable for making our tools better. Thank you!

1. Overall, how would you rate the new Social tool?

2. How likely are you to share this tool with your friends and colleagues in need of a social analytics tool?

3. What other tools do you currently use for monitoring growth and/or influence of your social accounts (if any)?

4. What would the perfect social tool look like to you? What features and/or functionality are you looking for most in a social tool?

5. What part of the Social tool do you use most?

6. If you could make one change to this social tool, what would it be?

7. Would it be OK for us to contact you if we have any follow-up questions? If so, please provide your email (optional).