Our Nation's Hamburger Habits in 2014

President Obama is addressing the nation with the State of the Union later this month - and so are we! Take our State of the Hamburger Union survey for a chance to win a free meal to your local Johnny Rockets.

1. If you could invite anyone to have a meal with you at Johnny Rockets, who would it be?

2. If you had to choose a favorite topping for your Hamburger, what would it be?

3. Cheeseburger or Hamburger?

4. Who’s dancing shoes would you love to groove in for a day?

5. What American city would you love to travel to?

6. Out of all these jukebox songs, which one are you most likely to get up and dance to?

7. What is your favorite day of the week to go to Johnny Rockets?

8. I eat my Hamburgers with:

9. I usually order _________.

10. What was your favorite Shake flavor in the past year?

11. What special moments did you visit Johnny Rockets for in the past year? Check all that apply.

12. How many Hamburgers do you probably you eat per month?

13. How many times do you usually eat at Johnny Rockets per year?

14. Tell us a bit about yourself.