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How would you rate these traits or behaviors as indicative or predictive of a professional with HIGH POTENTIAL for PARTNER or TOP EXECUTIVE?

  NEVER TRUE any of the time SOMETIMES TRUE some of the time FAIRLY TRUE a fair amount of the time MOSTLY TRUE most of the time ALWAYS TRUE all the time
They got good grades in school.
They work longer hours.
They are clearly excellent technically.
They are always trying to improve.
They ask for honest feedback, and they take it to heart.
People listen to them.
Other people follow their lead.
They challenge the partners, coming up with new ways of doing things.
They do “extra credit” – things that the partners wouldn’t normally expect from someone at their level.
When their work is reviewed, it needs very little, if any, correction.
Supervisors and/or partners ask for them by name to work with.
They understand the importance of bringing in business.
They identify potential opportunities for new business.
They are at least trying to get business.
They are a good "networker."
They use their "network" to look for new business.
They increasingly manage client engagements.
They increasingly handle the relationship with the client.
Clients say good things about them.
Clients request them.
They keep asking what they need to do to advance, and when will they get those advancements.
They make themselves experts in something useful to the firm.
They embrace specialization as a way to build their careers rather than a “why do I have to specialize?” attitude.

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What's the MOST IMPORTANT thing to look for in spotting staff with Partner or Top Executive potential?