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At the Youth Justice Coalition, LOBOS stands for Leading Our Brothers and Sisters Out of the System. The LOBOS participate in a 5 month-long youth organizing training program that prepares them for a career in social justice work while leading the YJC's campaigns to transform the juvenile injustice system in Los Angeles. LOBOS receive a stipend of $100 - $150 a week for the work they do.

*To be a Youth Organizer at the YJC, you must be between the ages of 16-24 and MUST have system experience - this is one time when having system experience actually works in your favor for a job!!! *

To apply, respond to this survey online BEFORE AUGUST 6th, 2014. We will be holding interviews until positions get filled. For more info on the YJC and the work we do, go to www.youth4justice.org or call us at 323-235-4243.

* 1. Write your name.
Write your address, phone and e-mail address.

* 2. What is your date of birth? Age?

* 3. With the experience with the system that you have, what have you learned? How have you grown and changed? What are your plans for getting out of the system / staying out of the system?

* 4. Explain in detail your experience with school push out / arrest at school, being served with a gang injunction, experience in juvenile hall, probation camp, county jail, state/ federal prison, in ICE detention, and/ or deportation. Include immediate family (brother, sister, mom or dad) who have been incarcerated in state or federal prison, in ICE detention or deported.

To be a Youth Organizer at the YJC, you have to have system experience - this is one time when having system experience actually works in your favor for a job!!!

* 5. As LOBOS, you will have to mobilize other youth and the community to challenge the school-to-jail track, mass incarceration and extreme sentencing. Explain how the policing and lock-up of youth is impacting your school and/or community and how you would go about challenging this reality.

* 6. Think about a group of young people you know who are experiencing school push-out, policing, incarceration or deportation, what plan would you put in place to get them involved in the Youth Justice Coalition?

* 7. If you had 100 million dollars, and were elected County Supervisor of L.A., what would you do to hold down safety, stop the killing and help people – especially youth who have been in the system – to achieve their dreams? Please describe your program and write up a basic budget for how you’d spend the 100 million.

* 8. What creative things should YJC organizers do to educate more youth on our issues and get more youth and families to come out to meetings and actions?

* 9. As LOBOS, you will have to speak (and encourage other youth, families and liberated lifers to speak) to elected officials, police, and Probation/CYA-DJJ/Corrections on how the system affects you and your solutions for change. Write a dramatic speech or rhyme you'd want to throw at them - your best arguments, stats and personal experience.