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1. Help us improve our Meteograms!

* 1. Where do you Sail/Ride the most?

2. Which of the Computer forecast products do you find most useful?

3. How often do you look at different computer model forecasts?

4. What Model do you find to be the most accurate?

5. Meteogram: Which layout do you use the most for the meteogram?

6. What time of day do you tend to check the computer model forecasts the most?

7. What weather parameters are most important to you?

  Very Important Important Not very Important Useless to me
wind speed
wind direction
Model run
cloud cover
Water Temperatures
Wave Heights

8. How can we improve the presentation of the model forecast to be more useful? Your comments can help shape the new products to come!

9. What other sources of weather data do you look at to make your decisions? (other websites, etc.)