1. Which facility do you use most frequently?

2. How often do you visit an Alexandria Library facility?

3. If you don't use the Library regularly, please tell us why?

4. What are your main reasons for using the Library?

5. Please rate the following

  Excellent Very Good Good Adequate Poor Do Not Use
Overall Library Services
Customer Service/Staff
Library Cleanliness
Hours of Operation
Library Website
Number of Computers Available
Wireless Service
Children's Programs
Adult Programs
Collections (books/DVDs/magazines)
Online Resources (e-books/databases)

6. For any items you rated poor, please tell us why:

7. Which of the following types of help from staff are most important to you? (Please check up to 3)

8. Overall, where would you like the Library to focus its resources? (Please check up to 3)

9. How do you typically access the Library's online resources? (Choose all that apply)

10. Which of the following online resources would you like the Library to emphasize? (Please check up to 3)

11. Beginning in 2010 the Library reduced operating hours due to budget reductions. If hours could be added to the Library's schedule, which of the following would be your preference?

12. Would you use materials in languages other than English?

13. Additional comments

14. Demographic Data

15. Gender

16. What is your age?