1. Let us know what you think about Evergreen Golf Club

1. How would you rate the golf course conditions?
(5 = Excellent to 1 = Unacceptable

  5 4 3 2 1
Tee Boxes
Overall conditions

2. Please let us know about the following...rate from 5 excellent to 1 poor.

  5 4 3 2 1
On course beverage cart service
On course beverage cart selection
Food in The PUB
Beverages in The PUB
Service in The PUB
Please rate the VALUE for what you received

3. Please rate the staff's friendliness, helpfulness and overall customer service skills.
5 = Excellent to 1 = Unacceptable

  5 4 3 2 1
Golf Shop staff
Rangers on the course
Golf cart attendants
Beverage cart

4. How many miles do you travel to play Evergreen Golf Club?

5. Are you a member of Evergreen Golf Club?

6. Is this your first time playing Evergreen Golf Club?

7. How did you hear about Evergreen Golf Club?
(Please check all that apply)

8. How often do you play in a month?

9. What do you normally pay for 18 holes of golf and cart?

10. How often will you play Evergreen Golf Club this season?

11. What is the chance you would recommend Evergreen CC to others?

12. When you are not playing Evergreen Golf Club, where else do you play [course name/city]?

13. If you played in an outing at Evergreen Golf Club, please rate the following from 5 excellent to 1 poor...

  5 4 3 2 1
Pre-outing follow through and service
Set-up upon arrival
Check-in process
Course conditions
Course set-up for events
Food/Beverage service

14. Comment/suggestions to improve your experience?

15. Thank you for completing the survey!
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