* 1. In which North Portland neighborhood do you reside and/or work?

  live work
University Park
Cathedral Park
Arbor Lodge
St. John's
East Columbia
Hayden Island
staff/student at University of Portland

* 2. My source of information about air quality in my neighborhood is:

* 3. Please choose the statement that best describes your concerns about industrial emissions and odors:

* 4. Do you regularly experience odors you believe are attributed to industrial activity and do you report them?

  yes no
smell odors
report odors

* 5. If you answered yes to smelling industrial odors, which best describes the odor source:

* 6. When I report odors I use:

* 7. I am most interested in the following air quality advocacy work:

* 8. I am interested in volunteering with Neighbor for Clean Air's North Portland Air Quality Group:

* 9. Yes, please make sure I receive important updates on the work to address industrial air toxics in North Portland. My email address is: