1. Contact Quality Monitoring Benchmarking Survey

Benchmark Your Contact Quality Monitoring Process

The Ascent Group is conducting research to identify the practices that make or break a contact quality monitoring process. Trends in the industry are leading towards analytics and automated monitoring software, dedicated quality assurance groups, and more frequent monitoring sessions. Are these practices leading companies to higher customer satisfaction? More effective agents? Improved customer interactions? Better coaching? What lessons have been learned along the way?

Take our survey and share your experiences about your quality monitoring process. It's free.

Learn more about our study - https://ascentgroup.com/shop/call-quality-practices

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Kozlosky at ckk@ascentgroup.com

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*This is a multi-paged survey—you should be able to quit at any time and re-enter the survey (by revisiting the survey-link) where you left off (as long as you are using the same computer browser).

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* 1. Please provide your contact information.

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* 2. Briefly describe your Organization - how employees interact with customers, businesses, typical tasks or services performed or transactions handled, types of calls handled, average number of employees per team or supervisor...

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* 3. Please indicate technology implemented within your call center operation (check all that apply):

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* 4. Do you have a system to support Call Quality Monitoring?