1. CVCC Graduate Exit Survey

Welcome to the Catawba Valley Community College Graduate Exit Survey. The responses that you submit will be kept anonymous for reporting purposes and will help the college in its efforts to serve its students. Initially, you are asked for your student ID number. This number will NOT be grouped with other responses, but is used only to confirm your completion of the survey.

Let's begin the survey proper by identifying your field of study for your degree. Below the initial ID inquiry are the majors for the School of Business, Industry, and Technology. If your degree is from another area, please note that majors from the School of Academics, Education, and Fine Arts are listed on page 2 and majors from the School of Health and Public Services are on page 3. Please go to whichever page contains your degree major and select the appropriate item. If you are receiving degrees in more than one area, you may choose more than one item.

The survey proper begins on page 4. This survey consists of 32 items, most requesting you to express your degree of satisfaction with certain college services. The survey takes about ten minutes to complete.

We appreciate your time and participation. Your input is important in determining the extent to which the college is meeting its goals and objectives.

Thank you again!

* 1. Please enter your student ID number:

* 2. School of Business, Industry, and Technology