* 3. Did you receive a graduation gift from GEAR UP? (a flashdrive, etc)

* 4. If you are not yet enrolled in college, please check any of the following that apply:

* 5. Do you believe that you graduated high-school ready for college or a career?

* 6. What GEAR UP services do you think helped you to graduate high school? (check all that apply)

* 7. Were you awarded a GEAR UP Grant or scholarship such as the Achievement Grant or Pathways Scholarship?

8. If you were awarded a scholarship, do you intend to use it? (do not answer if not awarded a scholarship)

* 9. What are you doing now?

10. If you are working, where?

* 11. Do you plan to attend college in the next 2 years?

* 12. What do you know now that you wish you had known in high school?

13. Anything else you would like GEAR UP to know?

* 14. In the future, how would you like to receive information from Montana GEAR UP?

15. Thank you for completing the survey! We appreciate your feedback. Enter your contact if you'd like to keep in touch with GEAR UP in the future.