1. FDIM Attendee Survey


Please help us make FDIM better. Complete the survey!
Hope to see you next year.

1. This question is optional.
But we would like to know who you are.

2. How many times have you attended FDIM?

3. If you were a first timer, was it easy to follow the programs?

4. Did you enjoy FDIM

5. How was FDIM Registration?

6. Was our choice of speakers on target?

7. What did you think about the time allocated to each speaker?

8. Share your suggestions on topics or speakers

9. Seminar Facility (Ball Room)

10. Seminar - how did you rate the quality of the screens and audio system ?

11. How did you find out about FDIM?
Multiple choices ok.

12. Buses - how did the bus to the Hamvention work out?