Details: Product Intern

Hi, Ramit Sethi here.

I'm looking for a Product Intern to help my product team with market research, content management, and overall assistance in the development of my premium programs.

This is a contract position.

*Must have deep experience and knowledge of IWT material. Ideally you've signed up for several of my paid programs already, and know them inside and out
*Product development or marketing experience is a plus, but not required. More important is your resourcefulness, creativity, empathy (can you get inside the minds of customers?) and ability to analyze/synthesize information
*Approx. 10-15 hours per week required
*Compensation: $25/hour

1. What is the extent of your experience with information products? Do you consume them, market them, create them, etc.?

Please be as detailed as possible, and give examples.

2. Which of my paid products have you purchased (not counting my book)?

3. Pick ONE of my products you have purchased above (the more complex the better), and answer the following 4 questions based on your experience with that product.

First: Analyze the POSITIONING of the product.

In other words: How did we position our product in the mind of our target customers? What about our main competitors: what are they, and how are they positioned? Why do you think we choose the positioning we did?

4. Second: Analyze the MARKETING of the product.

"Marketing" can mean anything from the emails, the sales page, the public blog posts, the post-sales process, etc.

5. Third: Analyze the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE of the product.

In other words, how was the product designed / structured in order to maximize the customer's use, retention, and application of the product, as well as maximize their overall positive experience with the product?

6. Fourth: How would you IMPROVE the product?

Pick the top 1-3 aspects of the product you would improve and how/why.

7. Who are you?