* 1. Name (Last, First)

* 2. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

* 3. Concentration(s) and Minor(s), if declared (write none if not declared)

* 4. Year you began at UM?

5. Have you ever worked for an Orientation Program at UM or anywhere else? (i.e. Campus Days, Tour Guides, Honors hosting, etc.) If so, please describe:

6. What are other time commitments will you have this summer? Please include other jobs, research opportunities, Spring or Summer Courses, family events, or vacations. Please include approximate dates.

7. Have you applied for other positions this summer (internships/Honors Summer Fellowship, etc)? (PLEASE answer this honestly. Saying yes will NOT disqualify you!)

8. What has been your best experience at Michigan and what has been your worst experience at Michigan? (P.S.--saying none is not an acceptable answer!)

9. Think back to your honors orientation. How did it go? What would you change/keep?

10. Why should we hire you? What would make you a great Orientation Peer Advisor?