1. GBIF Content Needs Assessment (CNA) Survey: Introduction

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The objective of this survey is to assess the user needs for primary biodiversity data. The major purpose of this exercise is to identify the gaps in biodiversity data presently accessible through GBIF (http://data.gbif.org/ ), and make recommendations on data mobilisation strategies to bridge the gap between data needs and data access. The ultimate goal is to provide guidance to GBIF and its network of 'data publishers', in order to improve fitness-for-use and utility of GBIF mediated data.

What is GBIF?:

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is a growing partnership of countries and international organisations working to share biodiversity data. GBIF makes digital biodiversity data openly and freely available. To date, more than 177 million records are available at http://data.gbif.org/. GBIF is a member of the Conservation Commons and supports Open Source software and Open Access to data. GBIF membership currently comprises 50 countries and 40 international organisations.

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There are about 21 questions, all optional and most are multiple choice. The survey should take most people under 15-18 minutes.