Thank you for taking DBEQSelf©. It should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Please choose the option that most closely describes you. We will email your results within one business day, along with a PERSONALIZED debrief of your scores by Executive Coach and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Dawn Cook.

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3. I am aware how my emotions influence my behavior.

4. I am aware when others’ behaviors influence my emotions.

5. I am not afraid to ask for help when I need it.

6. I don’t take myself too seriously.

7. I am equally aware of my strengths as I am my weaknesses.

8. I easily adapt to new or changing circumstances or ways of thinking.

9. I appropriately express my frustration or anger without becoming aggressive.

10. I openly, yet respectfully, express my thoughts and feelings.

11. I do not personalize disagreements and maintain an open mind during those conversations.

12. I can laugh at myself when I make mistakes.

13. I accept constructive feedback without becoming defensive.

14. I consider the consequences before reacting and resist the temptation to react purely on emotion.

15. I am patient with myself.

16. I do not jump to conclusions; I take time to evaluate all information or opinions.

17. I remain calm during conflict and do not get defensive.

18. I handle setbacks effectively, seeking alternate solutions rather than giving up.

19. I can let it go when something beyond my control results in an undesirable outcome.

20. I maintain a positive outlook even in the face of adversity.

21. I do not become short or ill-tempered in stressful situations.

22. I manage multiple demands without feeling overwhelmed.

23. I remain calm under pressure.

24. I am self-directed. I may seek others’ input but do not require it to make decisions or act.

25. I take initiative to meet goals and obligations without being prompted.

26. I can make the tough decisions even when the choice is unpopular.

27. I demonstrate healthy confidence balanced with humility.

28. I trust others; I use good judgment to trust and don’t just trust blindly.

29. I am good at reading others’ emotions and responding appropriately.

30. I am able to see and understand others’ perspectives and opinions.

31. I am aware how my behavior affects others’ emotions.

32. I am not stubborn; I can give in to another’s preference.

33. I take assertive action without ‘stepping on’ or offending someone else.

34. I can put my personal agenda aside to accomplish a team goal.

35. I work very well with others.

36. I address conflict in a timely manner rather than avoid it or put it off.

37. I listen to others’ points of view instead of just trying to get my point across.

38. I speak my truth respectfully during conflict situations.

39. I can influence others to take action.

40. I respect everyone equally and maintain their self-esteem.

41. I offer constructive feedback in a way that supports the relationship.

42. I actively listen and let others know they’ve been heard and understood.

43. I am not judgmental and accept others who are different from me in work style, beliefs or values.

44. I offer others sincere praise for success and genuine concern for frustration or anger.

45. I maintain a lightheartedness or sense of humor in tense situations, while still taking them seriously.

46. I refrain from making negative comments about others.

47. I admit when I’m wrong or make mistakes.

48. I am authentic and genuine; I have no hidden agendas.

49. I earn trust by acting reliably and can be counted on to perform.